Hon Kennedy Agyapong, the Assin Central Member of Parliament (MP) has said that, the Special Prosecutor nominee Martin Amidu is exhibiting signs of arrogance at the vetting and hence should be called to order.

The MP has asserted that, the demeanour with which the former Attorney General is responding to questions by the committee is appalling, as he describes it as a "no nonsense" attitude.

He said,  "Martin Amidu is very arrogant, very very arrogant, look at the kind of arrogance he is demonstrating at the vetting committee? He just can’t take a simple joke".

Mr Agyapong further stated that the attitude which is being exhibited by Mr Amidu will go a long way o bring troubles to the President.

He said, "All he has to do is just to call one appointee or the other for investigations and the NDC will begin trumpeting that there is corruption in this administration, he is going to be the beginning of Akufo-Addo’s troubles”. He further said the attitude is choking the public and therefore he should be called to order.

Mr Amidu appeared before the vetting committee earlier today to vetted for approval of the Special Prosecutor position.

Meanwhile, Mr Amidu, widely known as citizen vigilante has stated that, he has nothing to lose if he is rejected by the committee and that will not stop him from fighting corrupt officials in the state.