Former Attorney General under the Mills administration and the Special Prosecutor nominee, Martin Amidu, while responding to questions earlier today at the vetting has denied claims that he has joined the New patriotic Party (NPP).

“I have not joined NPP but I believe that parties can collaborate to ameliorate the ills that plague society. That is why we as political parties each try to see how best we can develop the country”, he said.

Mr Amidu told the committee at the vetting that he still believes in the dreams of the NDC which is probity, accountability and transparency.

He further challenged the Appointment Committee of the claim of misconduct which was leveled against him in 2012, when he was relieved of his duty as the Attorney General under the Mills administration, saying there was a "breach of trust" the late president Mills and himself which led to his dismissal

He further stated that he won a law suit on the issue in court.

He said that “NPP has its own ideas, which is a property-owning democracy, I don’t agree with it but I see nothing wrong with it", stating that he believes the two parties, which is both the NPP and NDC will converge with regards to social interventions.

“I agreed to do this job because I feel the President was committed to reducing corruption. He never asked as a condition that I leave a party, but I knew after accepting the nomination that I will not be a member of his party or the pond from which I came from,” he stressed.

He asserted that, there is no need for doubting that he will remain neutral with regards to the Special Prosecutor's office due to the fact that the one occupying that office is expected to be impartial.

“I knew that from that day, I was a potential public appointee and from that day onwards I have to be neutral,” he said.