Shatta Wale has named controversial Prophet Obinim among the four pastors he respects in Ghana along with Mensa Otabil, Duncan Williams and Pastor Pobee insisting he will carry out his plan of burning some churches.

This comes just two days after the Dancehall artiste threatened to burn some churches down in the country if he is not dead by the turn of the year.

Shatta Wale has been angered by comments by some pastors in the country that he will die before the end of the year in the wake of rampant prophecies after the death of songstress Ebony.

He went haywire over a recent prophecy by Prophet E. K. Mensah of the Christ Vision Prayer Ministry that he is next to die after Ebony Reigns but Wale says he respect a few pastors.

“If I want to listen to people, I’ll listen to Mensa Otabil, Duncan Williams, I’ll listen to Pastor Pobee, I’ve never gone to his church before but he tells people what he sees about me and he’s a man of God," Wale told Class FM.

"I’ll talk to Obinim, people don’t like him but what he has in his brain and his heart, Ghana hasn’t tasted it and Obinim is going to show Ghana God and people will see there is a living God…

"I have met Reverend Owusu Bempah before and when he shook me I felt that this man has touched me, I saw him as a brother, I felt this is another brother from God and these are people I listen to and what they say.”

The award winning artiste said the prophecy that he will die does not scare him and that if he is alive by December, he and his fans will burn down some churches in the country.

“A whole lot of people have spoken about me and they are dead and gone so I don’t want anybody to come and tell me about my life because nobody has a hand in my life, not even a mallam, no pastor, it was God who rose me from where I am to where I’m going.

“I’m telling the whole Ghana I have a covenant with God that is why people are hearing Shatta Wale, it is not medicine, let any mallam come out , let any juju come out…

“I have roamed a lot, but I’ve tasted what is God and what is man and man can’t do what God can do. So if preachers of such nature will come out, I and my Shatta movement are still waiting for him…if by December I’m still alive, I’ll burn churches in the country,” Shatta Wale angrily said.