Deceased Ghanaian dancehall artist Ebony Reigns has been accused of being a lesbian with several reports in the country claiming she died with her partner.

Ebony died in a motor accident on Friday morning on her way to Accra after visiting her mother in the Brong Ahafo Region.

She died together with Franky Kuri and a military man who were with her in the car when the accident occurred.

Now several media reports in the country claim Kuri is her lesbian partner which means Ebony has been a homosexual.

Even though the reports have not given a concrete proof to that relationship Ghanacelebraties and Ghanaweb are among the websites reporting to that relationship.

The report comes as a shock to the fans of the popular musician in the conservative religious country of Ghana where homosexuality is regarded by majority of the people as a sin.

Franky Kuri completed Holy Child School in Cape Coast in 2008 and several of her schoolmates have reported that she is a lesbian.

Kuri is said to be the male in the relationship with a male-like dressing revealing her sexuality.

She relocated to America but things didn’t go well out there so she returned to Ghana last year.


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Ebony and her alleged Lesbian partner-Franky


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