Former Vice President Mr Amissah Arthur has queried the current government on the plans it has for the Senior High School students who are currently in school.

He stated that, the free SHS policy adopted by the Akufo-Addo administration is a welcoming initiative, but the government should also focus on the jobs to offer the 90,000 students who will become graduates in the next two years after they have left school.

Mr Arthur, said that the National Democratic Congress (NDC), headed by former President Mahama was very mindful when it comes to fiscal prudence, that was why the past administration withdrew the nursing and teacher training allowance for the expansion of access to education in a non-conventional way.

He stated, “The NDC was chastised by the opposition then, so now the teacher trainees are going to school and they are getting their allowances, but the numbers have been limited. For a lot of people is it better to have access and to pay for loans or to be given some free allowance and for the numbers to be limited. To a large extent some people now don’t have any possibilities at all, so they are home.

A fiscally prudent government will be able to say to the people that look I have a difficulty bear with us as we try to expand access to education. That is what the NDC did. And so the jobs part has not been addressed for the free SHS graduates to be, but the pipe is being filled with large numbers of people. And in two years they will be frustrated and angry because there are no possibilities for them".

He further indicated that, these was the reason why the NPP-led administration should have considered all the factors before implementing the free SHS policy.

He further lamented on his hopes that the government will retrace its steps and to say “we’re putting the cart before the horse, let’s plan properly now before they graduate and so we know what to do".

We have a free SHS that has not changed the curriculum, the president talks about curriculum, you develop the curriculum before you put the student in there, so a lot of students are going to school doing the same thing that they did ten, five years ago. And we expecting better results from them, this he said is not good enough for us, He indicated.

He has further said that he wishes all the best for the country although he sees it almost impossible for President Akufo-Addo to monilize people to aid the government in the achievement of its purpose.

He said “As if there’s no problem. In his inaugural address he said we should be citizens and not spectators, now he’s making us into spectators is that what he promised us".