Some Naija guys seriously have no game.

When they try to toast you, they act like annoying mosquitoes handing you a questionnaire to fill out. Simi really summed it up in her song, ‘Jamb Question’.  Here are some of the annoying questions we bet you’ve gotten from Nigerian boys.

1. ‘Eyss Sister, can I talk to you?’

When you hear this one, you just know wahala is about to start.

ohhh meme

Image: Nairaland


2. ‘You look very familiar, have we met before?’

Na so.

African girl meme

Image: NairaLand


3. Can I have your number?

They’ll now start calling every second.

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4. ‘What’s your Facebook name? let me add you so we can chat.’

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5. ‘Are you on Whatsapp or BBM?’

gif meme

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6. ‘Send me your ‘pix”

Eye roll meme

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7. ‘Fine girl like you, I’m sure you have plenty boyfriends’

Rude look meme

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8. ‘So where do you stay?’

Or the razz version, which is, ‘where do you base’

Image: Glee.Wikia


9.  ‘Have you eaten?’

Like they will provide food if you’re hungry.


small girl thinking meme african girl

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10. ‘Tell me about yourself’

They are looking for epic tale. Abeg run for the hills when you hear this line.

Image: Obaranda