Every year, some words and phrases become so popular, they’re on the lips of almost everyone. 

For this year 2016, here are some of these words and phrases that have been so frequently used that we’re actually tired of hearing them. In short, drop them in 2017 if you can, please.

1. Woke

Being woke really just means being aware. So when you know what’s going on, you’re considered to be woke. In 2017, we need to find other meanings honestly or just stick to ‘conscious’ and all the synonyms for it.


2. In This Buhari Regime

No, really we get it things are hard as it is now. At least these things have increased prices and that’s major proof. But you really don’t have to toss in this Buhari regime every time you’re asked a question pertaining to money or something



3. All variations of Jenifa’s English

We love Funke Akindele and Jenifa so much but can we resolve to leave the English on the show to her show? No more “how is you” and all the variations

Sege Jenifa's Diary GIF

Image: iROKO World


4. Who You Epp

We know Olamide’s song was such a hit, even Google acknowledged it but let the phrase die in 2016.

Image: Wikipedia


5. Change

Every small thing, change. Every small thing, change. Leave it alone abeg.


6. Slay

I guess this applies to us too because we use it a lot for our fashion related posts but leave slay alone. It has run it’s course.

how to style chokers

Image: silvinjoki.com


7. Lit

Nigerian millennials, say no to lit in 2017 okay?

The Wedding Party Movie

Image- TIFF


8. … for Africa

She can sleep for Africa, She can eat for Africa. Never understood this it but let it go too.

yvonne chaka chaka

Image: Konnect Africa


9. Turnt

“Bro, this party about to be turnt” Yeah, or not.



10. All the weird birthday greetings

You know them. They need to rest really.