Boxer Braids

Boxer braids make a cool and relaxed hairstyle which has been favoured by the famous Kardashian clan as of late, and as such has found its way back into fashion! One look at this stunning lady’s hair and it’s not difficult to see why.

She’s separated her hair into two sections from the middle, creating a french braid on either side from the front to the back, fastened with a hair tie on either side for this gorgeous finish.

Winding waterfall braid on beige blonde – easy stylish braided hairstyles for long hair

Extra-long hair is perfect for a dramatic braided hairstyle and this lovely waterfall design will always get you a second (and third) look!

And the beautiful mix and match of soft beige-blonde highlights truly brings the asymmetrical plait to life!

The colorist has used deep brown roots as the background to vertical highlights moving up to pale ivory-blonde.

This creates amazing color patterns and the contrast helps make hair look thicker, too.

Sophisticated triple link ‘big braid’ in ash-blonde

The popularity of various shades of gray has encouraged clever stylists to design some spectacular ‘big’ braid hairstyles!

And styles that may have seemed ‘over-the-top’ in multi-toned blonde or copper hair colors, look just stunning in ‘black and white’!

There’s no doubt that if you stand next to this model at a dinner-dance, you’ll instantly feel that you’re hair or gown is too bright!

This magnificent triple loop and braid hairstyle is designed to hog all the attention, in a sophisticated blonde-bombshell look!

Watch the video below for more choices

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