Boram, a 6-year-old South Korean YouTube star with over 30 million subscribers bought a five-story building worth 9.5 billion Korean won ($8 million) in an affluent suburb in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam.

The 6-year-old has two popular YouTube accounts on which she posts content.

Boram Tube ToysReview which is for posting toy reviews has 13.6 million subscribers, while the other account, Boram Tube Vlog has 17.6 million subscribers.

Her alleged estimated monthly sales is set at an eye-watering 3.7 billion won (£2.5 million).

6-year-old South Korean YouTube star Boram buys $8 million 5-storey property

A Public real estate registration document showed that the Boram Family company which was set up by the girls' parents, purchased the 258.3-square-meter property on April 3.

One of Boram's most popular clips which now has more than 376 million views features her cooking noodles with her friends in a plastic toy kitchen, before excitedly eating it.

Her videos however stirs up controversy sometimes over the value it passes off.

The video in which she stole money from her father's wallet and apparently drove cars on the road, led to a complaint being filed with a non-governmental organization 'Save the Children' in 2017.