Tragedy has hit a family at Manso Datano in the Ashanti Region, where an eight-year-old boy has allegedly shot dead his seven-year-old brother.

The siblings were said to be playing with their father’s locally manufactured gun and accidentally the eight-year-old boy pulled the trigger to shoot his brother at close range.

The sad incident, according to a police report which the DAILY GUIDE has sighted, happened around 12 noon on Saturday when their parents were on the farm working.

The father of the children, James Amedze, a 44-year-old farmer, and the little suspect are being questioned by the police for further information.

The police report said James Amedze and his wife, Margaret Ahenkan, are farmers who live with their three children, including a three-year daughter at Datano.

On Saturday afternoon, James Amedze and his wife left for their cocoa farm to peel their plucked cocoa pods and left their three children behind in their house.

In their absence, the little suspect reportedly went for his father’s locally manufactured single barrel gun hidden in the room, and the two brothers started to play with it.

They were said to be struggling over the gun and the little suspect accidentally pulled the trigger to hit his brother, killing him instantly.

The noise of the gunshot attracted curious people to the scene, who met the seven-year-old boy in a pool of blood.