Ace broadcaster, Adakabre Frempong Manso has advised men to marry more than one wife to ensure that they have security and insurance in life.

According to the newly appointed general manager of transport company VIP Jeoun, a man who has only one wife faces a lot of challenges hence the need to have multiple wives.

Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday, the Neat FM afternoon show host who has two wives defended his decision.

“I have a wife who lives in the UK  and I have a wife who lives in Ghana. Marrying two wives is a good idea. In 1987 I married in the UK and just about 6 years ago, I married another one. I was motivated by the need to also play a very key role in several children’s life. I live in Ghana and you don’t have anybody around you, and so if you have a great woman who will make your stay in Ghana very comfortable it’s good,” he told Bola Ray who expressed shock over the revelation.

He further stressed: “You go and check in the Bible in a given period how many women will be looking for a single man to marry them; and you sit there and let just your wife take advantage of you. It is only when you have a difficulty that you will realize that it is probably being folly that you rely on just her. Go check all the older persons who made it in life and they will tell you their story”.

When asked by Bola Ray if he thought it was a bad idea marrying one wife, he retorted: “ Not necessarily, but you need to be insured”.