The Bollywood heart-throb put up a status update on her social page complaining about how her team did not give her “so much as a piece of cake” and how she had to resort to “stealing” the banana cake slices that were lying at the Radio Mirchi studio table. The video post has gone viral.

New Delhi (Sputnik): The video posted by the porn-star-turned Bollywood diva Sunny Leone has gone viral in which she was seen packing slices of banana cake in tissue paper while saying "There are lots of starving people in this world. You should not waste food. This is not for me as I am allergic to nuts".
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Leone keeps packing the fruit cakes unhindered while the hosts at the radio station, where she was a guest for a show, were heard shouting "stop stealing".

The actress has been known to play pranks with people, especially those whom she works with. The video post has gone viral, inviting hilarious reactions from her fans. In her tweet, Leone thanks the radio station for letting her steal cakes, calling it "fun".
Sunny's social update has prompted hilarious reactions from her fans.One person called her a ‘pretty thief'. "Kubsurat chorni,"

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Serves ‘them' right says another reaction, adding that next time they will not ‘starve' you.

This fan called her ‘very funny' and ‘gorgeous', all in one breath!