Host of popular telenovela, 'Kumkum Bhagya', Adwoa Saah has rubbished claims by actress Beverly Afaglo that the influx of telenovelas on TV is killing the movie industry.

Speaking to B Ice on Agyenkwa FM in Kumasi over the weekend, she denied the claim and said most Ghanaians no longer buy movies because of many factors.

The popular TV host explained that most actresses insult movies produced in Twi but hail ones shot in the queen’s dialect. To her, it is bad to imitate the white when you cannot be better than them.

She added that most Ghanaian movies lack good moral. Adwoa Saah opined that a married woman will not buy a movie which shows the private parts of a young lady to lure his husband to go after the actress. She alleged that actresses target husbands when shooting a movie.

“Most of the girls (actresses) in Accra say it is too local to use Twi to shoot movies but it is rather disgraceful to imitate somebody than being yourself.

You can never be like the person so instead of worry yourself to speak English and make mistakes for people to laugh at you and speaking your local dialect for people to understand, appreciate and get the motive of what you are doing, which of the two should we adopt?

If people are not buying the movies, it is because of many reasons. Mothers will not buy a movie you are showing your buttocks for his husband to watch and chase you.

Anyone who wants to tell you the truth will tell you that with the job they are doing, they are not paid much. So the young lady acting in the movie has your husband as her target. If your husband watches the movie and he likes her then you the wife is in trouble.

Weeks after shooting the movie, then you will see them traveling to Dubai, America and other countries. Who did she go with? There is an old man hiding somewhere who is taking her all the pictures and she doesn’t allow him to appear. This is because the job she is doing doesn’t fetch much money.

A lot of things have gone wrong in the movie industry so they should sit down and look at those things.” Adwoa Saah went blunt.