"Our inability to touch our people has been the weakness of our organisation...."   

  Salim Ahmed Salim

They came in at the beginning of a new era, the white sheep trooping in from all directions, all corners and every single ant whole. All together  towards one destination, the hope of the world, Africa.

When the Europeans landed on our soil, our own flesh among the black people, decided the whites were better than us in every single way, for that matter, they never hesitated to do the bidden of the white flesh.

Even till date, when I look at our people, I see the great negative impact of the white dominance over the black. Arguably, the black man does not see anything good in himself except what the white man tells him is good.

A look at Us...

Football: In this current age of enlightenment, the black man has football teams, the best of them we can celebrate in our style, yet we support and grant audience to that of the white man. We as Africans have great football teams like the Al Ahly of Egypt we can be proud of, The Accra Hearts of Oak and the Kumasi Asante Kotoko of Ghana we can celebrate, the Olando Pirates of South Africa we can celebrate.

But the black man says,and continues to think that Chelsea and Manchester of England is better, the Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid of Spain are superior. The PSG and Monaco of France are more authentic than what we have as Africans.

Education: Our politicians are preaching to us about free education and yet they carry their children to the lands of our Colonial Masters and pay huge sums of money the tax payers of our land have given for developmental projects. Yet my Africa is still asleep. As the great Professor Lumumba said, "the education is free of knowledge".

We have great Universities in Africa we can develop to become more greater and in the process develop minds that will change the land, but we prefer throwing the monies into the pockets of the "Lords".

The University of Pretoria in South Africa, the University of Ghana, the Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone, Al Azhar in Egypt and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology also in Ghana.

All these are great state learning communities with fields in Administration, Engineering, Communication, Social Sciences, Medicine, Politics, Education, Mathematics among others, yet Africans import meat, even tooth picks, we have Engineers yet our roads are constructed by the Chinese, We have our own stories but the Lords tell our stories to us and we believe them, meanwhile we are the source.

What we have...

We are supposed to be the bourgeoisie and not the proletariat, but the "Lords" have revolved and taken over from us. Looks like the vision Karl Marx had has already taken place in our side of the continent. We have the gold, timber, bauxite, diamond, crude oil, tin and any other mineral you can mention but we are still under developed, why? its simply because Africa is asleep.

Our culture...

Our way of life  has also been substituted through mainstream media to the extent that, we no longer want to hold on to the norms that our predecessors held onto in high esteem. A youth can now look at his brother and voice out his hatred towards him and considers it normal, a lady can sleep outside her home and the parent have no right to question her because she is now eighteen and can decide for herself what is right for her.

No doubt my Africa is asleep.


As a young lad growing up and hearing of the stories of how our forefathers were forced out of their own lands to work and till the soils of the Europeans, I thought to myself, how inhuman they were, only for me to grow up and realize that slavery is still in our system but in a different disguise.

Every youth in my Africa today is trying very hard either to be the Jay Z or the Beyounce of America. We prefer to waste our times in watching the superman and batman flying in the skies, trying hard to make sense out of it instead of being innovative on how we can leave an African story on the minds of the rising stars we call our children and siblings.

We live in an era where the African will watch a telenovela for over an hour and still sit to pay attention to the discussions that will take place after the show.

My Africa is in slumber.

Today, the African will accept an invitation to travel to Europe to sweep and do odd jobs with his degrees in his armpit instead of using the ideas he gathered in the tertiary to improve his society.

I cry for myself and for the African child who will come after this current generation, whether he will be bothered about the struggles of the great men who fought for Africa to stand. I wonder if the next generation will celebrate the Thomas Sankara who changed the name Upper Volta to Burkina Faso (Country of the upright man) I wonder if the next generation will care for the reason for him choosing that name for his country and follow that dream.

I wonder whether the Nkrumahs and Patrice Lumumbas will be remembered, I wonder if the name Nelson Mandela will leave to see another century.

My Africa is far asleep.

We now celebrate liars, and believe their ideologies, we die believing in their promises, what a pity my continent suffers.

A place for wealth...

Coming to power is no more about changes in Africa, it is about accumulating wealth and respect and buying houses and opening bank accounts in the lands of our "Lords".

It is no more an opportunity to correct the wrongs that the previous government made and building upon their uncompleted projects, it is about borrowing from our "Lords" and squandering them in the Bahamas and Dubai as well as in China.

My Africa, I end here edging you to wake up my youth, it is we that can make the change we want to see on our continent, let us rise and shine.

Africa, Oh Africa.....

By Salim Abubakr with immense inspiration from the speeches of Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba