IPL 2019 has just begun and Amazon seems to be at the forefront of delivering cricket fans the latest updates about the teams, matches and everything else they need to know about the tournament. Using Alexa, Amazon Echo users will now be able to track live cricket match scores and follow their favourite teams and cricketers using simple voice commands. The e-commerce company claims that Alexa is now armed with knowledge about the various teams, players, match schedules and trivia.
In case you missed a match, Alexa can get you up to date with “Alexa, what’s the match report/update?” voice command. Users can also follow-up with questions like “Alexa, who won man of the match in the last game?”, “Alexa, who scored the highest in last match?”, “Alexa, who took most wickets in the match?” or “Alexa, how much did Kohli score in the match?”

In addition, it will be possible to listen to the anchor and comedian Cyrus Broacha give regular updates on IPL with Alexa. Every week the anchor will give you a lowdown of the action on the field mixed with humor and insight. Comedians, experts and enthusiasts will also be joining him. For this Echo customers would need to use the ‘Cyrus Says’ skill to LANSO (Left-Arm-Not-So-Orthodox) the cricket version of his podcast.

Users can also play with the daily cricket trivia skill, which will provide three questions on cricket and give three options each for the answers, each day. The right answer will earn customer five runs and a chance to compete on the global leaderboard with other players. To play the quiz, customers have to say “Alexa, start the daily cricket trivia”.

Lastly, Alexa can now also help users play the official IPL theme song with the “Alexa, play the cricket cheer” voice command.

Source: gadgetsnow.com