The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) has called on the government to immediately arrest and prosecute individuals behind the recently opened LGBTQI office in the country.

The Council insisted that although the church respects the human rights of homosexuals, it frowns upon acts of homosexuality.
The Council in a statement called on the government to “close down without delay the alleged LGBTQI office in Ghana and immediately arrest and prosecute the individuals or groups behind the alleged opening of this new office in Ghana for breach of the law and potential threat to peace”.

“Summon all foreign diplomats who allegedly participated in the opening of the LGBTQI offices in Ghana to explain their violation of the sovereignty of Ghana,” the Council added.

It said such practice should not be countenanced in the country and therefore, the government should not succumb to pressures or calls for their practice to be accepted.

“The GPCC is very resolute in its stance against the LGBTQI movement and its activities in Ghana and is standing firm with all other stakeholders on this matter with the hope that government would take concrete steps to reassure Ghanaians of their unwillingness to succumb to pressure from some notable western powers to sell out our cherished values and to safeguard the future of our children from a perverse generation of vampires scheming to destroy us.”

GPCC further called on Parliament to summon the president’s representatives at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior “to come clear on actions they have taken in relation to this matter to protect the sovereignty and security of the state of Ghana.”

The issue of LGBTQI has come up recently significantly in the country particularly after the commissioning of their office space at an unknown location in the country. 
During the recent ministerial vetting, some minister-designates were questioned about their views on the subject. 

The Minister-Designate for Gender, Madam Adwoa Safo said during vetting that the illegality of homosexuality is non-negotiable.

“The issue of LGBTQI is an issue that when mentioned creates some controversy but what I want to say is that our laws are clear on such practices. It makes it criminal.”

“On the issue of its criminality, it is non-negotiable on the issue of cultural acceptance and norms too. These practices are also frowned upon,” she stated emphatically.
The minister-designate for information, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah further suggested the need for a law to ban LGBTQI advocacy in the country.