Ghanaian hiplife musician Article Wan has failed to agree with President of Policy think-tank, IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe who believes the musician’s ‘Solo’ hit song lack content.

The Policy advisor who did not seem to understand why Ghanaians are jamming to Article Wan’s hit song, ‘Solo’ questioned the meaning of the words he used in the song saying “What is “nngengne“? and “solo”? Why gyrate like grasshoppers to lyrics you don’t understand?”.

Article Wan in an interview with Zionfelix on Radio Univers’ Brucnh2Lunch entertainment show on Monday responding to his comment said the popular ‘Solo’ song has content. He opined that most people have not taken time to analyse the lyrics in the song hence their conclusion that the song does not make sense.

The singer cum music producer also blamed Ghanaian DJs for playing the song at a faster tempo preventing listeners to hear the lyrics of the song. The artiste who made it clear that he respects Mr. Cudjoe’s opinion on his song advised Ghanaians to hold in high regard the works of musicians than to rubbish them.

"My ‘Solo’ song has content so I disagree with what Franklin Cudjoe said even though that is his opinion. If you really take time to listen to the song, you will understand what I’m talking about well.

Most of the DJs speed the song so you will not even hear the lyrics clear but the song ‘Solo’ has content. The music Ghanaians are releasing in recent times are good ones.

Even if someone does music and it lacks content, let us appreciate the creative side of it. Let us say my song has no content, the creative bit of it should be applauded tha to generalise everything and say they are all bad. To gather something to make it melodious, rhythmic for people to fall in love with it and travel beyond the boundaries is not something easy to achieve. People should rather say better things about us than to say it is empty.

They should listen to our songs very well before talking to them.” Article Wan told Zionfelix.

Detailing the content of the ‘Solo’ song, he explained that “the song talks about difference. The solo word in there is not the English word, which means single but a Ga word, which means difference. So all I’m trying to say is everybody is different”.

“Because the song is on a high tempo and people are already enjoying it, most of them are not really paying attention to the lyrics but rather enjoying the melody. The song has content so people should just check the lyrics online and they will see it” he added.

When Zionfelix asked if the song was recorded purposely for people to dance to it or send a message to the public since certain musicians record danceable songs without a ‘sensible’ message, he replied, “I was sending a message across and also making the fans dance”.