Thomas Partey's move to Arsenal will only be possible if only the Gunners will accept a swap deal with their French midfielder Matteo Guendouzi, according to reports.
The English is said to be interested in keeping all their men but Partey has been occupying the news of the Arsenal transfer market for several weeks.

The Ghanaian footballer of Atlético de Madrid is the great objective of the Gunner team led by Mikel Arteta , who would be willing to make a great economic effort in times of crisis, paying the clause of 50 million from the 27-year-old midfielder, who would have rejected the offer to renew the rojiblanco team.

However, Atlético de MadridMatteo Guendouziwould have no problem giving up the income of those 50 million euros if Arsenal accepted an exchange for the French midfielder , who has the transfer poster hanging due to his low performance, and especially to the controversial incident that starred in the last Premier League game against Brighton .

Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​also interested in Guendouzi

The 21-year-old footballer is the object of desire of other greats such as Real Madrid or Barcelona, but Atlético de Madrid's proposal could be enough for Arsenal to detach itself from a player who does not enter Arteta's plans, also achieving his Highest goal in the market, while the rojiblanco box would replace Thomas, one of the most important pieces of Simeone in the midfield, at zero cost, in an operation beneficial to all.

In a transfer market in which the exchange of players is going to be the order of the day, the rojiblanco team wants to take advantage of a perfect opportunity to seize who is still considered one of the most projected French players, who asks shouts a change of scenery after seeing how his development has stalled dangerously in a team without any aspiration, something that he could find in the Wanda Metropolitano from the hand of Diego Pablo Simeone , who would have given the go-ahead to who would be the first signing of Atlético in the transfer market.