Drivers plying the Atonsu-Kuntenase road in Kumasi are threatening to block the road to traffic after a colleague was crushed to death in an accident.

According to the drivers, the accident was caused by poor visibility created by extreme dust pollution on that stretch.

The driver of the mini-Chevrolet car, Kwame Antwi, 57, died instantly after his vehicle collided head-on with the tipper truck with registration number BA 117-12.

Drivers say the extreme dust pollution caused by a stalled road project impedes visibility even in the day.

The angry drivers say this is the fourth accident on the road which has been under construction since last year.

“Kofi Job is the one doing the road; we don’t have a problem with him working on the road. We just want him to water down the dust. You don’t see who is driving ahead or beside you when driving. Three people have died due to this on this road.

“In yesterday’s accident, the tipper truck was virtually sitting on the taxi cab. We want to block the road to traffic; we don’t care if we are arrested. We’re doing it for the good of the people,” an angry driver said.

Adding to the problems on the stretch, at night, the road is drenched in total darkness due to the lack of streetlights on the road.

The contractor of the road, in an effort to control speeding on the road had also dug trenches on the road, however, these trenches have become a death trap to commuters on the road, as several accidents have occurred because of them.