There is a revolving door policy at Kumasi Asante Kotoko where the average coach barely last two years in charge of the club.

It is undoubtedly a pressure cooker of a job for any coach as you will have no rest or peace of mind especially when results are not going as desired.

Despite the risk associated with the job coaches will kill to land the Kumasi Asante Kotoko job.

Former Asante Kotoko coach Bashir Hayford sheds some light on why the Kotoko job is in high demand despite the short shelve life of coaches and all the risk associated with it.

There is always the demand for success from the unforgiving supporters whiles management members are always in haste to satisfy the supporters in order to buy time for themselves at the helm.

Bashir Hayford says most coaches take the Kotoko job in order to enrich their curriculum vitae(CV) as its one of the most revered football clubs on the continent.

“You have to manage yourself and do something to improve your CV,” Hayford told West FM.

“People accord you the needed respect and pat your shoulders when they realize you’ve coached Kotoko before because it isn’t a small club.

“Everyone wants to coach Kotoko. Coaches will still come chasing for the job even if the salary cap is pegged at GHc 200.00.

“You can ask ‘Coach Opeele’ how much he was receiving at Kotoko? He quizzed.

Kotoko have had a tall list of coaches in the last 13 years with expatriates and local coaches all trying their hands on the Kotoko puzzle among them include Emmanuel Akwasi Afranie (late), Abdul Razak, Didi Dramani, Hans Dieter Schmidt, Steve Polack, Zdravko Lugarusic, Kjetil Zachariassen, David Duncan,Michael Osei,Telat Üzüm,Paa Kwasi Fabin, Maurice Cooreman, Bogdan Korak, CK Akonnor.

Bashir Hayford was coach of Kotoko in the 2007/08 season helping the club to the Ghana Premier League title but was booted out the following year.