Actress Bibi Bright has taken a swipe at John Dumelo for his earlier Instagram post where he stated that due to his endorsement of President Mahama and the NDC, he has received death threats and lost business deals.

According to the actress, John Dumelo was not speaking for the voiceless Ghanaians as he claimed in his campaigns.

She stated in her Instagram post that John Dumelo was only with the NDC because of the benefits he reaps from them.

She also stated that John Dumelo due to his association with the NDC now had a thriving animal farm in the North, countless properties all over Accra and a V '8' as well as a Benz.

This goes 2ways! I have been insulted and called ALLLL sort of names but never have I made a post about it.. Why are you all the sudden making it look like you are a victim? How long have you supported JM? What of @Kwame A Plus that has been in support since since?

Does he come out to make Ghanaians think he is been victimized or threatened by the Ndc supporters? He goes ahead and say what he wants to say regardless what anyone think or say about him.. I get attacked every single day on my ig but I always let it slide! Go and vote for JM cs it's no secret the benefits that comes with it.

Ndc grass rooters who have sacrificed every bit of themselves since 2008 still have nothing to show even though their party has been in power for the past 8yrs but you John from 2012 have ALOT to show, from plots of lands at airport, couple of houses around Accra, a thriving animal farm in the north, a v8 n Benz "don't come and tell me it's movie money" so why won't you ask the innocent ones to vote JM?

They finish voting and go back to the hardship and you get to continue receiving your benefits. You are speaking for yourself and not any voiceless Ghanaians cs if you were you will hear and see the cries and direction Ghana is going in and stop asking for votes for JM.!

You don't seem to care what taxi drivers, nurses, teachers and other Ghanaians are going thru, As long as you and yours are good you cld care less! You understand politics very very well Mr John so stop crying out cs you were very silent when you were receiving all the benefits.

Both Npp and Ndc have supporters that attack each other every single day on social media so It's nothing new with you. Stop making it look to the floating voters that Npp are abusive people who attack anyone who is not with them... And talking about Election Day...!!

As along as the Ndc dont do what they know how to do best and that is RIGGING then it shld be a win for the Npp cs majority of Ghanaians are tired of 8yrs with JM and the Ndc.. My name is Bibi Bright and am voting for Nana Addo... #NanaB3Ba"