Contrary to what has been made to understand, it has emerged that, the activities of the independent Western Togoland group is being fueled by some 'big shots' in the country.

Security Expert and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Warehouse Limited, Adam Bonaa has revealed that some persons seeking to take control of some natural resources in some parts of the country are remotely influencing the agitation by the group in the Volta region.

According to the renowned security analyst, the evidence available to him suggests that some big shots who are seeking to take charge of deposits of natural resources, particularly in the northern part of the country, are behind the recent activities of the secessionist group.

Police in the Volta region on Monday arrested eleven members of the Homeland Study Group Foundation that purported to declare independence for the Volta Region and other parts of the country.

A manhunt is still on for leader of the group, octogenarian, Charles Kormi Kudzodzi.

The group has been advocating the independence of former Western Togoland made up of Volta Region, Oti Region and parts of the North East Region, Northern Region and Upper East Region.

Speaking on The PM Show on Bolgatanga based Yem Radio monitored by, Adam Bonaa said the state should have been more proactive in dealing with the situation.

“I have evidence that there is a big brother sitting somewhere who seem to be fuelling this because the Volta basin is resourced. If you go to the Upper East region today there is gold and if you go to the Volta basin, there is a lot of oil. Somebody will want to create chaos so that they can take advantage of our natural resources”, he said.

In his view, the initial arrest and release of members of the group prior to their recent declaration of independence was not good enough.

He, however, commended steps currently being taken by the state following the arrest of some members of the group this week.

Adam Bonaa further called for equitable distribution of the country’s natural resources among all regions in the country as a measure to discourage activities that may likely jeopardize the peace and security of the state while pointing to deprivation as a result of inequitable distribution of natural resources as one of the factors influencing the ideology for a secession from Ghana.