Ghana’s U20 team, Black Satellites got involved in the selection of the FIFA World 11 by casting their votes through the Professionals of Association of Ghana (PFAG).

The FIFA FIFPro Men’s World 11 awards are organized by FIFA and FIFPro, the awards are given to the best players in each position based on their performances during the period from 16 July 2018 to 19 July 2019 inclusive.

The winners of the awards are voted for by professional men’s players from around the world, all votes count equally.

Each voting player nominates one (1) goalkeeper, four (4) defenders, three (3) midfielders and three (3) forwards.

Men’s World11, Where a player receives a vote in more than one position (for example, as a forward and as a midfielder), the votes will be combined and FIFPro will determine the position in which the player’s votes will be counted.

In the event of a tie for the last available place in a position (when the number of players exceeds the permitted number of positions), the player who has played the most international matches for his country shall be selected.