It is cristally clear, if we are not behaving ignorantly, that there is a vast difference in our divine worship, when we compare the old traditional way of worshipping God to the present Christianity. Blackman (Ghanaians) have gone a long way in their divine worship.

Before Christianity, Blackman (Ghanaians) were much entangled in what we now termed as IDOL WORSHIP or IDOLATRY. This was our way to reach the gods. The believe was that when we pour out libations with water, wine or schnapps onto certain mediums like Rivers, Trees, Dead persons, Stones or Rocks, Calve Trees and Moulded Images, our request reach the gods, who have answers to our numerical problems.

Christianity had also thought us today that there is only One God, who is the creator of this universe, and we can only reach Him through our Lord Jesus Christ, who had shed His blood to redeem us from our curses of life, which were separating us from the only true God. Faith in Christ Jesus and praying in His name alone makes our request reach the Father in Heaven. And He alone has the power to grant our heart request to us.

In the traditional worship or Idolaltry, the approach to these gods differs from that of Christianity. Things like eggs, goats/sheep, schnapps, money, sacrifices of human blood and other things are use to pacifies the gods. But in Christianity God is approached with a broken and a contrite heart.

A victim who may be an offender of the gods, or an innocent person, in the idol worship is killed, made mad or disgraced; and the curse could even be extended to all the family members or even the whole generations. In Christianity, a sinner or offender has the right to plead for his sins through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and if it is done with a broken and a contrite heart, God forgives him and grant unto him his righteousness.

Because of the injustice nature of the gods righteous people have become more affected by their decisions and many lives have been shattered. They only take decisions according to the message of the person who approach them.

In Christianity, God is longsuffering, Justice and righteous in His ways. He doesn't take counsel with any man. He does His things in His own way and in His own time.

Because Blackman always wants to chew his meat when it hot, many prefer to do their things in the old traditional way. With this character of Blackman, many have chosen to fear idols than God. People's heart become trembled when a god's name is mentioned and curses are invoked to it than when it is done in God.i

There are many Christians who entertain the fear of the gods than the fear of God. The scriptures says "the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom". We can only take wise decision in our judgement, when we fear God. The reason why black leaders cannot take rightful judgements is that there is no iota of the fear of God in them.

If a leader doesn't fear God and lacks wisdom, his mind becomes corrupted with the lusts of the eyes, lusts of the flesh and the pride of life. These three too are the stepping board of Satan to enter into our lives to manipulate us to do things that are contrary to the will of man and God. When this happens, they start accumulating wealth for themselves than seeking the interest of the nation.

The reason why Africa is called the dark continent is that blavkman is always egocentric. Everyone wants to be better than his neighbour, there we seek our own welfare. We don't think about others and a better future for the next generations. Blackman have a short scope of memory and cannot think far!

My little piece of advice to all blackmen is that traditional worship or idol worship is Satanic and barbarism. Those who involve themselves in it cannot think far. They only think about themselves and what they will eat today. Let us therefore surrender our lives to God who created us and had given His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to us as a propitiation of our sins. He alone can give us a discernment of Spirit to discern between what is good and what is bad. He alone can grant us hope so we can plan for better future.

He is the one who gives wisdom to the prudent and direct the decision to judge righteously. My earnest prayer to you is for God to reveal Himself to you so that your spiritual eyes will be opened and your understanding to comprehend things in divine perspective will be enlarged so you can come out from the dark continent unto the marvellous light of God.

...... Shalom!


By Joe Samulad