An Argentine contortionist's impromptu performance was given a Tarantino-ish twist after a miscalculated move left her bleeding in front of her mother's eyes.

Belén Pouchan, a 26-year-old actress and dancer, was on vacation in Europe when she spotted a two-metre chair on a Barcelona street and wasted no time showing off her physical flexibility.
Belén bent back and clumsily slipped into the hole cut out in the seat. The blonde babe twisted her legs backwards, but as she tried to get up, she smashed her head against the bottom of the chair.

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The video goes black as her mother, who filmed the action, notices that her daughter is bleeding from the blow. The contortionist was hospitalised, receiving five stitches in her eyebrows and was lucky to be left with just a cut between her eyebrows.

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"I was super conscious, like [in] a state of shock, something like that", the Argentine beauty told the Paparazzi daily. "Nothing hurt. It was so strong that I thought it was weird to be so conscious. My mum was in shock and I told her that nothing happened, although there was blood all over my face".

"Do not try this at home," Belén wrote in a tongue-in-cheek, all-caps warning.

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