Gospel musician Cwesi Oteng is asking all gospel musicians in Ghana to boycott the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) about a comment made by George Quaye, PRO of Charterhouse.

According to the God Dey Bless hitmaker, the comment made by George Quaye suggesting that some gospel musicians offer attractive bribes but it’s impossible for the members of the VGMA board to accept it, was childish and silly.

To Cwesi Oteng, there was no need for George Quaye to have made that comment if he knew he was not going to put out names.

“You cannot make a silly statement and just go free. If George Quaye was given a good offer and he is not able to mention names then I suggest all gospel musicians boycott the awards because some gospel musicians will always have their way through,” he told Showbiz in an interview.

To him, he is starting to believe that this is the reason he did not win Gospel Artiste of the year in 2013 when he was nominated in seven categories.

“In 2013, I was nominated in seven categories including the topmost category which is the Artiste of the Year but Herty Borngreat emerged winner in the Gospel Artiste of the Year category,” he added.

Now Cwesi Oteng who was on Onua FM’s Anigye Mmre hosted by Christian Adjei Frimpong to air his views on George Quaye’s statement said George should have known better that the statement was not the best especially where he is representing.

Meanwhile, George Quaye has issued an apology letter stating that the comment was made out of context.

“Indeed there is nothing I can say to justify the claims I made on the show and nothing that has been said by anyone even to confirm or support that assertion matters at this time.

As the executive that speaks for the awards, a comment like that shouldn’t have come from me regardless of its veracity or otherwise.

If anyone has challenged and asked musicians or industry players that have levelled similar claims against the awards to either substantiate with evidence or withdraw and apologise, it has been me.

I therefore take my own advice, totally withdraw and also apologise to the entire gospel music community of Ghana for my rather careless comment.  It was unfortunate and it will not happen again.

Again, I totally apologise for casting that slur on the Ghanaian gospel music industry and any individual who might have been offended in one way or the other.”

Source: graphic.com