The Bureau of Public Safety (BPS), says personnel of the Ghana Police Service have been task-oriented in recent times.

According to him, unlike the past, police officers now swiftly react to issues once they are reported to them.

His comment comes after the youth wing of the Christ Embassy church in Ghana disregarded COVID-19 orders to hold a mega event at the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair, Accra.

Reacting to the incident on TV3's News360 monitored by, Executive Director of BPS, Nana Yaw Akwada condemned the organizers of the event and called the police out to swiftly take action against them.

"Let me say that I'm very confident in the police in recent times. They have risen up to the task in recent times. I'll expect them to immediately follow up with this and find the organizers of the programme and bring them to book," his position stated.

He explained that the President has placed a ban on the organization of such huge gatherings which makes it unlawful for anyone to do so.

"Afterall, it is mandatory, it has been sanctioned by city authorities across the country that it an offense and unlawful to organize such huge gatherings without recourse to the COVID protocols," he said.

Nana Yaw Akwada, therefore, called for the prosecution of the perpetrators to set as a deterrent to other nationals who are paying lower attention to the country's fight against coronavirus.

"I will expect that the police move in quickly. Between now and next 48 or 72 hours, we must hear that some prosecutions are taking place and I believe that it will send a very strong and right signal to the rest of the population, especially to the owners of pubs and operators of beaches and other enterprises which bring people together at one place," he added.

Meanwhile, the police administration has launched investigations into the Christian event.