The Future of Ghana Athletics is very important like the past.

Ghana is 64 years after independence, but the Ghana Athletics has no museum for her past Athletes.

There is nothing to show that formerly Ghana athletes performed better than

At least people will want to go there and see the first Ghanaian Athlete both male and female, the trophies and medals won, our first spike, kits the first male and female wore to qualify for the Olympics, our first running kits, our past CEO's, coaches pictures, and many more.

This will be a tourist attraction and generate income for the Ghana Athletics Association, the National Sports Authority and Ghana Olympic Committee  to use for other purposes.

With most of Ghana’s athletes training and competing in the USA and other places, at least there must be something to show at home.

That monument is the Athletics Museum. It is indeed a laudable idea that must be considered by the sports authorities.

Less Think To Be Self Reliant Than To Be Depend On Others.

Events and programmes such as the Mobil Games, Millennium Marathon and GNPC Ghana Fastest Human competition should be documented and played for the coming generations.

I have always call on the athletic authorities to get their own track and field oval where the top athletes can coach interested young ones. There can be an academy attached to the Museum.

When you come and you go no one remembers you again.

By Sammy Heywood Okine