Chief of Sapeima in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Togbui Agah Semaglo I, has expressed concern over what he describes as ‘maltreatments’ often meted out to inmates by police officers in the country.

According to the chief, the conduct of some police officers in the country poses grave danger to the lives of inmates in their cells.

“What they should understand is that these inmates are also human beings who deserve to be treated with respect in spite of the crimes they might have committed,” he said.

Speaking in an interview with Today in Accra yesterday, the chief condemned the situation where inmates are served with food in the same cell where they eat, sleep and attend to nature’s call.

“When you visit them, you can see that while some inmates are eating, others will also be attending to nature’s in the same cell room.  This is inhuman practice and dangerous to the lives of the inmates,” Togbui Agah said.

He also condemned the practice where police officers subject suspects to severe beatings.

“If you subject a crime suspect to severe beating and torture and the person dies in the process, how can you get the true facts of the case you are pursuing?” he asked.

In this regard, he called on the police administration to take a second look at the way they interrogate crime suspects in the country.

Togbui Agah Semaglo also decried the poor state of some police stations and barracks and called for a facelift.

According to him, some police stations, especially in Accra, lack operational facilities that motivate security men to give off their best.

To this end, he called on the police administration to impress upon the government to improve upon their infrastructure.

Source: todaygh