Western Togoland separatists have through a statement ordered the immediate exit of all Ghanaian security forces from the Volta Region.

The group has also asked the government to come to the negotiation table or the will not back down.

In their statement declaring their independence, the group under the leadership of Togbe Yesu Kwabla Edudzi II, have said that the roadblocks will remain on the roads until “Ghana agrees to come to the negotiation table, with expected UNO facilitation.”

“All political activities within the new State are banned with immediate effect. Certain Radio stations are temporarily designated Western Togoland (WTL) State Radios till further notice, and all Media Houses within WTL are to focus their programming predominantly on WTL issues until further notice,” the statement added.

They have also ordered all Ghanaian security forces out of the Western Togoland within 24 hours “and must not take any weapons or ammunitions along with them”.

The group had earlier blocked all roads leading to and from the Volta Region have been blocked leading to about 3 km of traffic.

They allegedly took over the Aveyime and Mepe Police stations, overpowering the police officers in the process and looting the Station’s armoury.

Source: Ghanaweb