It seems all is not well with Ghanaian highlife singer Kwabena Kwabena and his second marriage but he will not speak to it publicly.

According to a publication by entertainmentgh, speculations about cracks in his second marriage have been gathering momentum and when Hitz FM decided to prod on the veracity of the speculation, Kwabena Kwabena shrugged it off and stated that, he will not discuss his personal life in public.

According to the artist, lessons from his first marriage, where its dissolution played out in the media, is informing his decision not to pass any commentary on his personal life in the media again.

He however stated that the media and fans should be concerned about Kwabena Kwabena the artist and the music!

In July 2009, Kwabena Kwabena’s marriage was said to have been under threat following claims he had impregnated another woman. This revelation, according to ‘ShowGhana’ was made by the musician’s sister in law, Cindy, when she was interviewed on Accra’s Radio Gold. She claimed that the musician had left his marital home and was no longer wearing his wedding band.

Then on July 14, the ‘Weekly Fylla’ newspaper reported that the musician had impregnated a woman before his highly publicised marriage and had denied the allegation but was later present at the “denied” baby’s naming ceremony to name the child after his mother. He was said to have left his marital home and had moved in with another woman who was also pregnant and about to be engaged to the star. But Kwabena Kwabena blamed the breakdown in the marriage on his wife Esther who he said gave too much ear to tale bearers. He told Showbiz last Friday at his North Kaneshie home that Esther often worked herself into a frenzy over these tales. “When she could not bear the pain she was persistently inflicting on herself, she carried the tales which she interpreted as bad treatment to members of her family”, Kwabena Kwabena said.

Kwabena Kwabena said he tried through sustained explanations and assurances to discourage his wife from listening to her informants since it only worked her up emotionally and did not bring her any other benefit.

“I did not have to stay away from home for long, even if the purpose was for something that could be of mutual benefit to us. Working late at studio or going into meetings that dragged into the late hours of the evenings were all considered as getting into affairs with other women.“There were other problems but I prefer not go public on them because that could affect the future of the only child in that marriage. I am very sure that I did my best to make that marriage work. Maybe she also tried, marriages do not end overnight, I guess we both tried.”

Kwabena Kwabena married Abena Owusuaa, his second marriage – in 2010 at a low-key ceremony in Accra, after his first marriage to Esther ended in a tumultuous manner.