Unable to afford a proper home after getting married, a Chinese couple moved into a mountain cave near the city of Nanchong and have been living there for the past 54 years.

Eighty-one-year-old Liang Zifu and 77-year-old Li Suying found the cave three years after their wedding and since they could not afford to buy a real house, decided to make it their home and start a family there.

In the beginning, they shared the unusual abode with three other families, who have since moved out, as have the couple’s four children, but the two elderly cave-dwellers would not even consider leaving.

After their story went viral in Chinese media, local authorities tried to persuade them to move out and even offered to provide them with a more comfortable house, but they refused.

The old couple have spent their whole lives turning the cave into a cozy dwelling, which now has three bedrooms, one kitchen and a living room.

Liang even turned the roof into a small garden where they grow all the produce they need to survive and set up a pigsty that provides them with fresh meat.

A well dug near the entrance of their home supplies clean water, and they even have access to electricity.

The two claim they have everything they need and they just could not leave everything they have worked for so hard and move away.