The Chief Justice, Her Ladyship Georgina Theodora Wood, has expressed concern about what she refers to as the deplorable state of majority of court buildings across the country.

According to the Chief Justice, conditions at the courts are so bad that it hampers justice delivery.

Speaking at the inauguration of the refurbished Supreme Court building, Justice Wood appealed to the executive, to help renovate court buildings, and also build new ones across the country.


“Truth is that, most of our court houses do not inspire much confidence as they remain in deplorable conditions.

It is true that justice is founded on the integrity, competence and capability of those who administer justice, but the building and physical space from which justice is administered adds to the trust and confidence issues, and so we appeal to central government to make funds available for building new court houses, renovating and refurbishing court houses, and for maintenance purposes in order not to hamper the administration of justice and undermine the fundamental right of access to justice,” she said.


She further gave the assurance that, the judiciary will improve on its work output by upholding integrity and fairness.


“The importance of the third branch of government in the social economic development of Ghana cannot be underestimated. Justice administration is a collective responsibility of all citizens, including the Bar and the public. I speak on behalf of the judiciary. I give this pledge that we will continue to improve on our work and deliver on integrity and fairness,” he stated.