I trust that you are gloating in this long awaited electoral victory. It is your right. You worked for it and duly deserve to celebrate; nobody will hold that back from you. But just some few lines for you to consider as you look forward to “positions” in the government; be they at the office of the presidency or ministries, etc. I believe you are aware of the BABIES WITH SHARP TEETH in the soon to be gone administration, whose back I personally cannot wait to see melt into oblivion. Their presence was a huge burden. They ripped   into every person, mostly our elders who disagreed with them. Their politics was vile! Eiish!

They were not only caustic and corrosive in their attacks, but left deep scars in the heart of their victims. These were guys our taxes paid. We gave them everything but what did they do? They insulted our fathers and mothers, uncles and anyone within reach who disagreed with them. Their attitude and actions were like the executioner at a palace during the 18 centuries. They had no mercy on those they were asked to execute.

You know them, heard them, and saw what they did to us. I want to believe that those of you coming will not follow that path. Make sure you leave the arrogance and pomposity in   your bedroom, come with a humane image. Even if you don’t have one, begin to soak yourself in that frame. Be slow to anger, reflect before you respond. Hold back your fire, even if you are the victim that has been provoked. You are not a superman so some few slips may happen, but, please, apologize and move on. Don’t hold your ground, let it go.

We SHALL not tolerate ANYONE who shows up with not only sharp teeth but one that is fit for the wheels of a Tarkwa to Nsawama bound train. That will be resisted with incessant name calling and shaming.  The Yentie Obiaa elements should remember we are still HERE! We shall support you to meet the aspiration of all of us, including Adoley and her friends. What we shall not tolerate is disrespect and insult of our ELDERS.

Like I said, refrain from bastardising the elderly in society. They may not always agree with your position- but you have to respect their opinion. It is fair to disagree with them but do so   in the most civilized manner.

The image of the youth has been heavily dented by most of these “Assase Aban” boys and girls in the soon to be gone administration, whose image did not reflect the personality of their leader, John Mahama.

Let’s show to the rest of the world young people are capable of being given leadership positions in government and when that happens, they hold their own with distinction. They run their offices with respect, not ARROGANCE.

Also remember not everyone who phones you is in desperate need of help or anything. Not everyone who sends you an email is in desperate need of money. I am not saying spend all your time responding to emails, phone calls or anything, NEVER.  All am saying is don’t shell yourself away from us, be accessible.

It’s my prayer that you will not disappoint your COUNTRY and the teeming youth of this country who are looking up to you to help the elected president fulfill his campaign promises to the people.

Source: Anny Osabutey