Ghana is one of the best democratic states in the world.

Free and fair election is one of  the main features of democracy.

It is organised periodically by an authorised body.

Ghana is the only multi party state where  two parties dominate the political scene.

This year was no exception with the parties reading out their manifestoes, some made promises which the ordinary Ghanaian was tired of hearing because they wanted something different and unique.

They did not want to be deceived again. It was survival of the fittest and swift.

Perhaps that was what distinguished the New Patriotic Party from the others. Research shows Ghanaians were fed up with the incumbent government and needed change.

Variety they say is the spice of life.
By and by the biggest opposition party emerged victorious. The candidate Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo after a third attempt was saved by the bell.

History tells us that Nana tried to run on the ticket of the party in 1996 but was to no avail. He did not give up, tried again and again and this time he was successful.

He will be sworn in on 7th January 2017. Is Akuffo Addo going to emulate LEE KWAN YEW of Singapore after his persistence?

After the making outrageous promises can the numerous promises made by him be achieved within the shortest possible time?

These are the questions asked by many Ghanaians. His promises are meant to enhance a buoyant economy.

One district one dam

One district one factory

A million dollars a year for all constituencies

low tariffs

low income tax among other promises

The good people of this country will be expecting this from the incoming government.

Will Nana Addo bring about the increase in activities in the sectors of the economy to improve people's standards of living?

Lee kwan Yew put measures in place to bring Singapore out of economic crisis some which were ofcourse opposed by some inhabitants.

He(LEE) set trade links to enable them trade with other countries.

There should be more exports than imports as it is right and appropriate  to do so.

Change as most followers call it starts right with the citizens.

Nana Addo has made his promises and in as much as there may be varied opinions with regards to policies and principles, every Ghanaian wants the best for the country.

At the end the president-elect will be one of two things: The LEE KWAN YEW of Ghana, or "a disappointment" as some may call a leader who has failed his people. We hope for the best even though time will be the ultimate decider.

By Lennox Dexter Mensah