FanMilk PLC, Ghana’s leading manufacturer of dairy-based and juice-based products, recently embarked on its ‘Strong at School’ drive to promote the consumption of nutrient rich foods while at school.

Through the programme, FanMilk has provided 150,000 school children across Ghana with the new zinc fortified NutriDay yoghurt, to support their immune systems.

This comes on the back of the company’s one-planet one-health agenda and its commitment to protect the health of its people and keep the environment safe.

FanMilk’s Marketing Director, Samuel Dery, explained the idea saying “As a Danone company, we are always looking for ways to serve our people with healthy products and impact our community positively.You may recall how in 2017, we introduced the FanChoco school caravan, an innovative school programme that has now trained 250,000 children in good sanitation practices, while providing them with healthy snacks.We followed that with the launch of SuperYogo, Ghana’s first fortified frozen yoghurt which contains Vitamins B6 &D to support the immune system.”

“Recently when COVID struck, we responded by launching the latest addition to our nutrition portfolio, the new NutriDay Yoghurt, fortified with Zinc to support the immune system. NutriDay also contains Vitamin A, B6, B12, and Calcium and it was designed to support the immune system and help Ghanaians in the fight against COVID 19.We will keep innovating toensure Ghanaians are well nourished.”

Speaking on the initiative, Ziobeieton Yeo, Managing Director, FanMilk Ghana said, “FanMilk has a dual mission – a social mission and a business mission. We know that there’s no healthy business without a healthy community. That’s why we are showing our strongcommitment in times like this, when we must all make a conscious effort to eat foods rich in nutrients such as zinc to boost our immune system, as the world continues to battle coronavirus.”

FanMilk Ghana has been in existence since 1962 and is currently engaged in the production and distribution of quality refreshing dairy and juice-based products.