One of Nigeria's most loved actors, IK Ogbonna has revealed that a he was almost raped by a female fan who attempted to blackmail him after she failed.

According to the actor who doubles as a model, he was lucky enough to have recorded the whole incident which eventually saved him from trouble.

The actor who once dated Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, in an interview with Sun newspaper, narrated this when he was asked about the craziest thing a female fan had ever done to him.

He said;

A female fan almost raped me. It was crazy but the good thing for me is that I was at a friend’s place when she started making the moves, and I was recording everything she was doing. So, by the time she got to the point where she said she was going to shout and turn the tables around, I played back what she was doing and she had to slow down. I think that was the craziest thing a female fan ever did to me. Since then, I stopped getting too personal with my fans. I won’t have them come visit me or see me at a friend’s place and all that kind of stuff. I created a barrier'' he said