Former Youth and Sports Minister, Nii Lante Vanderpuye has expressed disappointment in the progress of work done by the Normalization Committee with barely a month to the end of their mandate.

The Normalization Committee insists that they are on course to complete all tasks assigned them and won’t require an extension.

Nii Lante Vandepuye, however is of the opinion that they have failed to properly tackle the core dysfunctions of Ghana Football.

“At this point the Normalization Committee should have ended its work and congress should have been in place with an executive management team in place.

“They will now embark upon reforms that will ensure that all grey areas that festered the autocratic regime of a President where he could do away with his vice could be looked at.

“What do we do with Colts football and what do we do with women’s football?

“The reforms need to be embarked upon slowly so we can develop our game.

“You cant have a Normalization Committee in perpetuity,it is not right.

“The way we are going by the time they finish their work our football will be dead.

“Even now football is dead