Ghana has retained its rank of 7th in the 2015 Mo-Ibrahim Index but recorded a decline on three of four indicators over the last 10 years.

The Index seeks to assess the performance of countries by looking at the extent to which it meets the expectations of citizens politically, socially and economically.

This year’s ranking looked at the performance of 54 African countries over the past decade spanning 2006-2015 as well as the performance in 2015.

Mohammed Ibrahim, the Chairman of the Mo-Ibrahim foundation presented the findings Monday.

On Ghana's performance in the field of governance, Ghana placed 7th on overall governance, even though Ghana scored 63.9 out of 100 for the year under review, the trend for the past decade saw a decline of 2.1.

A look at the indicators shows Ghana recorded an increase in the participation and human right indicator. Ghana was ranked 4th out of 54 countries with a recorded score of 72.1. A look at the trend for the past decade shows an increase of 0.1.

In the area of human development, however, Ghana ranked 11th with a score of 64.2 and a decline of 1.6 over the past 10 years.

In other areas like sustainable economic opportunity, Ghana placed 15th with a score of 39.1 but the decade trend reveals a decline of 4.2.

In the area of safety and rule of law, Ghana scored of 70.0 placed the country as 6th but then again the decade trend shows there has been a decline of 2.6. Mr Ibrahim, however, commended African countries for doing more for rural development.

Mo Ibrahim is a Sudanese businessman who developed the governance index.