Some Ghanaian troops on Peace Support Operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo have complained bitterly about how they are being fed.

The troops who want their identities to be hidden for security reasons said the situation keeps worsening each day in the mission area which has led to them being fed as though they have been “captured as prisoners of war”.

According to them the kind of food they were served as breakfast through to supper was awful and insulting considering the fact that majority of them are family men and are responsible as such.

They indicated that since their insertion into DR Congo in January, 2017, they have been feeding on a milk tin of gari and very poorly prepared light soup.

The troops (names withheld) said they were eager to go out and purchase foodstuffs to supplement the rationed diet they always receive but they are restricted from doing so.

The troops are, therefore, appealing to government and authorities concerned to intervene as soon as possible to avoid any unfortunate incident which could go a long way to tarnish the image of Ghana in Peacekeeping.

The small sweet potato you see in the picture below was served with the soup as supper for the troops.

Source: Augustine Agyei