Perhaps, in a bid to ward off criticisms of her daughter’s lifestyle, Maame Fante, mother of popular gospel artiste, Gifty Osei got more than she bargained for.

Maame Fante in an interview last year had questioned why people talked ill of her celebrity daughter and particularly, about her marriage.

“The other time, a man called me from Kumasi and said so many unnecessary things about my daughter’s marriage. Now, I want to ask the man, is he my daughter’s uncle?” she queried in an interview on ATV last year.

Gifty hersef came out to defend strongly the lingering rumour that her marriage to husband Prophet Prince Elisha Osei had ended, insisting that it was “well and hearty.”  But was that the truth?

After a year of denial, investigations by Showbiz has revealed that the Aseda artiste has been divorced for the past three years after 10 years of marriage.

Once a pillar behind her music career, Prince Elisha, has seen his wife climb the ladder of fame when he financially supported her to release her debut Aseda album a decade ago. However, the “power of fame” had a toll on the union.

After producing two children, the centre of the marriage couldn’t hold and both parties have gone their separate ways but surprisingly, the estranged couple haven’t made any official statement about their split.

When Showbiz contacted Gifty Osei to get her side of the story, the “gospel Shatta” declined to comment on the issue.

A few years ago, Gifty Osei’s marriage break up became talk of the town but she denied it, saying she was incapable of doing anything unpleasant that could destroy her marriage.

The gospel music diva has always struck out against stereotyped thinking which consider being fashionable a sin that people who proclaim to be Christians must avoid. She has always come under the public scrutiny for her choice of fashion which included heavy makeup, long eye lashes and trendy onstage movements.

Herself a talented fashion designer, the Fefeefe hitmaker, Gifty Osei has always admitted that she did not see anything wrong with looking beautiful since the God she serves likes beautiful things.

She became one of the household names in Ghana’s music industry. Her energy, zeal and high sense of fashion on stage are some of the elements her fans look out for whenever she hits the stage. In 2007, her debut album, Aseda, became an instant hit in Ghana.

Source: graphic showbiz