Managing Director of Accra Hearts of Oak, Frederick Moore has called on the government of Ghana to lend a helping handing to football clubs in Ghana following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Football has been grounded to a halt since March 15th 2020 following the surge in COVID-19 cases in Ghana and the subsequent ban all public gatherings.

Clubs have been without football and the much needed revenue that is generated at the gates during match days.

The managing director of the Accra based club has pleaded with government to come to the aid of football clubs as they are suffering.

"COVID-19 has shown how precarious the world is, the lockdown of most countries has shown how important work and money can do," he told Kumasi FM.

According to Mr. Moore, football has suffered about three successive years of inaction as alluded to by the GFA President as COVID-18 during the Anas expose.

"I borrow the phrase that the president of the GFA used that Ghana had a ‘Covid-18’ when the 2017/18 league was truncated because of the Anas Exposè.

"We also had a mini competition in 2018/19 and in the 2019/20 we’ve also had this. We have had potentially three years in a row and I take my hat off for all club owners in Ghana for their tenacity to be able to maintain in what is going on.

"I hope the sports ministry and the government will support clubs to make clubs and football stronger. Football is our birthright, we used to win almost three in ten every African competition."

He added, "We need to get get back to those eras.We need to be the champions of Africa and that will only happen when the local competition is stronger and firmer and well supported."

"I urge the GFA, the ministry, and the government to support club owners and make sure that football in Ghana become preeminent again in Africa." he added.