President John Dramani Mahama has declared that government officials will stop receiving cash payments by 2021.

He added that mobile money is part of the cash economy and people are making too much use of cash and this leads to increment in corruption.

" 2021, I don't want government to receive money in cash at any collection point. You have to use your mobile money or bank credit card to pay." he said

He also mentioned that the non-use of cash will reduce temptation for corruption and the opportunity for anyone to be corrupt.

Lately more people have embraced the electronic payment giant - mobile money and the burden of carrying huge sums of money from one place to the other has drastically reduced.

"Happily electronic payments are catching up and so mobile money is growing phenomenally. People are making more electronic payments." he stressed

Furthermore , the president added that he believes his performance so far has been better than the previous government.

This leads to the 10th Transparency Index which saw Ghana as the 7th least corrupt among all the African countries. He stated that, although corruption will never end even when the country has fully developed, hard work will be what it will take to be able to put an end to it.

"Indeed under my government our performance has been far better than it was in the previous government. And if you look at the 10th index it shows that among all the African countries that were studied for corruption, Ghana is the 7th least corrupt country in Africa according to the Transparency Index.

Corruption is an on going fight.. it will never stop..even when we have become a developed country we have to work hard to be able to stop corruption" he added