MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Three US Air Force planes carrying humanitarian cargo for Venezuela have arrived in the Colombian border city of Cucuta, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said.

"More and more humanitarian aid is coming for Venezuela! We are pleased to confirm the arrival of three aircraft of the US Air Force carrying humanitarian aid", Guaido wrote on Twitter on 16 February.

Venezuela's National Assembly head Juan Guaido waves to the crowd during a mass opposition rally against leader Nicolas Maduro in which he declared himself the country's acting president, on the anniversary of a 1958 uprising that overthrew military dictatorship, in Caracas on January 23, 2019. ©
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The opposition leader expressed gratitude for support, adding that the humanitarian aid would cover the needs of more than 25,000 Venezuelans.
The issue of humanitarian aid to Venezuela has become a matter of controversy in recent days amid Caracas’ concerns that foreign countries could use such deliveries as a cover to achieve political or military objectives. On 15 February, the US Defence Department told Sputnik that the US military would provide logistical support for the efforts to deliver humanitarian cargo for the crisis-torn country. READ MORE: US Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela Arrives in Colombia

Nurses, doctors, professionals and others are sworn in by Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guiado, as the group that will help with the arrival and distribution of humanitarian aid in Venezuela, during and event in Caracas, Venezuela, Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019. The U.S. Air Force has begun flying tons of aid to a Colombian town on the Venezuelan border as part of an effort meant to undermine socialist President Nicolas Maduro. The first of three C-17 cargo planes has flown from Homestead Air Reserve Base in Florida and landed in the town of Cucuta. ©
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Guaido previously said that US humanitarian aid would be delivered to the country on 23 February. The Venezuelan government headed by President Nicolas Maduro so far has refused to accept aid that the United States has delivered to neighbouring Colombia, blasting it as a ploy to topple his government.
Tensions in Venezuela escalated on 23 January, when Guaido, who is the speaker of the opposition-run National Assembly, declared himself interim president, disputing Maduro's re-election. Guaido was almost immediately recognized by the United States and its allies. Russia, China, Mexico, among other nations, voiced support for Maduro, who, in turn, accused Washington of orchestrating a coup.Source: