After 28 years opinions are still divided among players of the Black Stars who played at the AFCON tournament in Senegal in 1992 when Ghana lost in the finals.

Till date the Kumasi caucus blame Ghana's defeat on stripping of the captaincy from the next in command Tony Yeboah  with the maestro Abedi Pele suspended for the finals.

Instead it was given to then Black Stars rookie Tony Baffoe who according to Otto Pfister was a neutral as there was a letter from Accra instructing him not to give the captain's armband to Tony Yeboah.

Former Ghana International, Prince Poku Polley was present at the tournament and was a regular has also blamed Ghana's defeat to Ivory Coast on the captaincy rift prior to the finals.

Before the tournament Abedi Pele was made captain at the expense of Kwesi Appiah a decision which did not go down too well with a section of the players.

According to Prince Poku Polley the conspirators who made Tony Baffoe captain ahead of Tony Yeboah caused Ghana an AFCON titke.

"The captain's band was a minor issue which should not have derailed our ambition to win the trophy at stake but it got out of hand due to how it was handled.

"The manner in which it was handled changed the mood in camp and dampened team spirit just before we went into the match against Cote d’Ivoire," Polley told Graphic Sports Online.

He noted that "Just after the announcement of the change of captaincy, a state of despondency was created in the hall and we were quiet as if we had lost a valuable item. For me, it was the team spirit that was sapped from us before such a crucial match."

"It sapped our fighting spirit so much that we could not offer our best in the most important match of the tournament. We had a good team and should have won the cup hands down after defeating Nigeria but the pettiness of a captain’s band and how it was handled robbed us of that magnificent trophy," he explained.

"Before the tournament, Tony Yeboah had always led the team in the absence of Abedi Pele and had proved to be a worthy leader capable of commanding the team to achieve good results," he recalled.

"We were all shocked about the sudden change of events and wondered what was amiss. The room that had been filled with enthusiasm since morning suddenly became very quiet as if chilled water had been splashed at us.

"The announcement really dampened team spirit because the one who was leading the attack, and most key players were affected psychologically.

"I know Tony did his best in the match just like all players but I realised that giving him the captain’s band to lead the team would have galvanised him to perform better that day to help secure the ultimate trophy for Ghana," Polley recounted.