The 2016 manifesto of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) due to be launched at the Ghana International Trade Fair in Accra is titled “Agenda for Jobs.”

Functionaries of the party explained the content of the much anticipated document has been crafted to address the growing unemployment of Ghanaian youth, collapse of businesses due to the unfriendly climate and inhibitions to free secondary education. has put together highlights of the NPP 2016 manifesto which would made public on Sunday at 2 p.m.

(a) The next NPP government will construct a new harbours at James Town and Keta.

(b) The next NPP government will provide Freedom Cards to the aged to have free access to all public transportation and other public facilities.

(c) The NPP government will restore in full Teacher and Nursing trainees allowances in the first quarter in office.

(d) The next NPP government will build an Accident and Emergency center in Takoradi.

(e) The next NPP government will abolish the payment of utility bills by students right after assumption of office.

(f) The next NPP government will pass a legislation to ensure that at least 20% of road contracts awarded to foreign contractors to be sub contracted to local contractors.

(g) The next NPP government will increase the amount of loans under the student loan scheme and restructure to streamline its administration to enhance recovery of the loans.

(h) The next NPP government will immediately right after assumption of office reduce taxes on electricity tarrifs to provide immediate relief to households and industries.

(I) The NPP government will establish factory in every district to create more employment tor the youth
(J) In the three Northern regions, one irigation dam for every district.