The Pro Vice-chancellor of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) has bemoaned how the nation treats outstanding achievers in Ghanaian society who have made impacts in their communities.

According to Prof. George Kwaku Oduro, distinguished individuals who deserve awards and recognition in the Ghanaian society are rather sidelined while people are considered based on their political affiliations.

Speaking at a book launch at the University to honour the brain behind Distance Education at UCC Albert Kobina Koomson, the Pro Vice stressed the need to reward merits instead of political considerations.

“As a nation, there are so many people who contribute in diverse ways towards the nation’s development. But what I have seen is that recognition of people that have contributed to national development is based on partisan affiliations.

"If people are being recognized, underneath you will find the political orientation,” he stressed.

According to him, the practice of considering political persons over people who have sacrificed and impacted greatly in their communities is killing the initiatives of so many people.

“So, if party A is in power and they want to appreciate people who have contributed to the nation, it is party A that determines who should be awarded and mostly it is people who belong to Party A.

"And if Party B is in power, it is the same scenario that plays out. And I think this has trickled down to the university level and others,” he noted.

“So, what I have done today, I am very sure, indirectly, it will impact on
Prof. Toku Oduro explained he wrote the book to honour Albert Kobina Koomson.people. People will begin seeing and I will urge others to take the initiative to identify others who have contributed so much but are not in the limelight and project such people because the little things that we do motivate people,” he averred.