Owner and bank roller of King Faisal football Club, Alhaji Karim Grunzah says he cannot fathom why people run Kotoko and claim they made losses.

The controversial football administrator has revealed he always makes a lot of money when he plays against Kotoko and Hearts which is enough to do something tangible.

According to Grunzah, he would be a billionaire If he is given Kumasi Asante Kotoko for just three months.

"No one should ever run Kotoko at a loss. I plan my season on Kotoko and Hearts of Oak fixtures, because the money I always get from the two clubs, after my home games is enough to do something tangible."he told Kessben FM/TV

"So I am always, amazed when I heard that people run Kotoko and run into several losses. Kotoko is a big club in the entire African football club rankings and I will be a billionaire in 3 months, if given Kotoko to run," said Ahaji Grunsah on Kessben sports.

He further questioned why with the mammoth following the club enjoys they still cry about resources querying how many clubs on the African continent can boast of the supporting base Kotoko has.

Grunzah further stated that with the recent board appointments by Otumfour with very successful and rich persons  to run the club for him how can anyone go bankrupt running such a cash cow.