A massive number of Presbyterian ministers want to divorce their wives according to the Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Ayete Nyampong said the ministers have written letters to the Presbyterian Council seeking permission to dissolve their marriages due to unbearable circumstances.

He disclosed this during the 155th Anniversary celebration of the Ebenezer Congregation - Kyebi, Presbyterian Church of Ghana.
The subject came up when Rev. Ayete Nyampong was talking about the need for Christians to truly repent from their sins.

He advised the general public especially Christians against corruption and let their lives depict that of Jesus Christ.

According to him, the corruption and other issues facing the country are reflections of the unchristian and corrupt conducts of the followers of Christ.
These behaviors, Rev Ayete believes do not only ruin marriages and homes but wrecks nations as well.

Rev. Ayete said : "I presented a report to the general assembly on the number of letters that come to my table from ministers requesting to be allowed to divorce their wives, they are frustrated...this calls for repentance."

"In public [Christians] show themselves to love one another but they bear grudges in the various homes," he added and hammered on the need for repentance among couples, friends and families.