The controversial marriage and relationship counselor, Revrend George Lutterodt has revealed that he used to be a play boy in his heyday dating 32 women before finally settling down with his wife who he courted for about 6 years.

The counselor however revealed that he broke his virginity only when he was 31 years old and admitted that he wished he had done it earlier because it affected the early stages of his sexual life with his wife.

"I dated 32 women...however I broke my virginity when I was 31 years old" he revealed

He went on to express his love for his wife who he has been married to for more than a decade. He claimed she understood his line of work and was not bothered about the countinous insults on his personality by a section of the populace who do not agree with his views.

The Counselor who is never far away from controversy recently got into trouble after a video of him bashing the fiancée of Kofi Adjorlolo who has since threatened to sue him went viral.

by Daraja Mutari/